John Darrell Husted was born and raised in Oklahoma, the father of four and the grandfather of eight.  He and his wife of forty-two years Rebecca currently reside in Moore Oklahoma.  Darrell has worked in the oil and gas industry since 1981 where he started out as a roughneck and quickly excelled into developing his own company.  Darrell is currently the owner of Drill Right Technology, the largest independent directional drilling company in the United States.  His success is directly linked to his faith where he contributes everything to his ongoing support from the Lord and his loving family and friends.  His professional life has been surpassed only by his dedication and commitment to his church and community.  This generosity and faith can be seen through his ongoing involvement in and around the world, physically, emotionally, and monetarily.
Darrell is an avid Oklahoma Sooner fan and enjoys watching and attending games whenever possible.  He’s passionate about cars and enjoys races and attending car shows.  He is extremely outgoing and loves interacting with others.  His house and heart are a revolving door that are both designed to entertain and enjoy the company of family and friends on any and all occasions.
Darrell is extremely goal oriented; his love for life and his unique sense of humor bring an exciting skill set unlike any other to all that he is involved in.  I believe that it is these traits which would make Darrell a tremendous asset to your organization and you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and committed person to serve as a member of your board of directors.